Do you ever see this one item in a store and think ‘I need to tell more people about this’? Well I had that all the time. But with products I found online. From other countries. That is why I created Yellow Days.

Yellow Days was founded on 1-1-2017 and opened on 14-1-2017 (Previously under the name Yunīku). Yellow Days is run by a 22-year-old oddball named Anna (aka me). The name Yellow Days was created because I think it has a happy vibe, and I hope the products I sell make people happy!

I believe in creativity and freedom. I’m always looking for small brands and designers who sell awesome products so I can sell their products as well and give them a broader audience. Creativity needs to be shared and seen, and that’s what this store is about. I believe in supporting small businesses, rather than really big ones. Searching the corners of the earth for awesome products with fun and odd designs is what makes this store the way it is.

Yellow Days is currently teaming up with:


Suatelier was named by designer Sua, from South-Korea. She hopes this brand will make others happy!


Circus Boy Band is a brand / design studio from South-Korea that uses daily things as inspiration for their designs.


Macaron TOE is a small brand from Taiwan. The owner likes to draw colourful characters for everyone to experience happiness and the simplicity of life together with Macaron TOE characters. They are the lively side in Macaron TOE’s world. On the other hand, the two monsters are the quiet side of Macaroon TOE. They listen and feel, and teach us how to love.


Bird vs Bird designs is a small brand from California, USA. The owner hand makes all the products by herself, often using scrap material from her job at the printing industry. She has a major love for birds and those are the main inspiration of her work


Justine is an illustrator/designer from Queens, New York. Her work is inspired by memories from her childhood, forest findings, and more.


Bloemkolie was created by Marjolijn, from the Netherlands. Her designs are inspired by everyday life, cartoons, pop-culture and odd situations.



– Lastly I have one more thing to say: whatever you do, always be yourself. Loud and proud. Have a nice day!

Anna from Yellow Days

VAT-number: NL225430460B01
Company registration (KVK) number: 67562345