As we all know, the coronavirus is shaking up our daily lives. To help combat the virus, Yellow Days is holding a raffle where you can buy tickets, which will be donated to the Red Cross. For every ticket you buy, you get one entry in a raffle where you can win €55 worth of goodies!

How to enter

  1. Click the donate button below. Tickets are €2 each, so buy as many as you want! If you’re Dutch, you can use the Tikkie link instead (a donate button is in the process of being made).
  2. When you donate, please either mention your name in the notes, as well as your e-mail or a social media account. If you forgot, then please DM me a screenshot of the donation on instagram or e-mail me a screenshot.
  3. The raffle closes on the 15th of April. The winner will be announced the next day.

What you can win