We’re looking for artists!

For months I’ve been thinking about what I could do to draw more creativity to Yellow Days and eventually I came to the conclusion that I wanted to work with artists. I already work with small brands, but working with individual artists seems like a fun idea to me ? So here’s the deal:

I’m looking for artists to create products with. Production costs are mine to worry about (and production in general), but the design is up to you, the artist. The profit of the products will be split in three parts: one for you, the artist, one for me, the shop (mostly to cover production costs) and one for a charity of the artist’s choice. I want to include charity because I believe in giving back to the world, in any way possible.

If this seems fun to you, don’t hesitate to send a DM on social media or an email (hello@shopyellowdays.com) my way! (notice how inconsistent I am with the use of “we” and my”). I’m hoping to start 2019 with many fun creatives ?

Much love,

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